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Bike Tours Some years ago my general practitioner admonished me to have more physical exercises. Obviously shoving the PC mouse around was not sufficient for doing my daily stint. She recommended to start cycling. After some painful experiences in the first days, especially in the rear area of my body, I've learned now to appreciate biking. Gradually I enlarged my range of action. I'm glad that in the meantime my wife Elisabeth has become my companion on my bike tours.

On this web page I represent my bike tours that go beyond one day. Perhaps this will give some suggestions to others who are also on the way from shoving the PC mouse around to cycling around. (Because of its local meaning this page is written in German.)

Bike Tours
Many a little makes a mickle. So why should only multi-day bike tours are represented here? Also one-day bike tours are worth to be mentioned at this site.

Thus on this web page I present my one-day bike tours. Perhaps they encourage others to swing again on the bike and to move off.

Home-made CDs Interesting music programs on the TV or in the radio often start at unfavourable times. Therefore my wife Elisabeth and I passed on to record such programs and to hear or regard them at opportune times. In former times we used for the recordings a Nomad Jukebox 6 GB or a TechniSat Receiver with integrated hard disk. Today we use two Fujitsu Siemens ACTIVY Media Centers. We transfer recordings, which we particularly like, to the PC in order to burn them on audio-CDs.

Of course a home-made cover sheet belongs to every home-made CD.

Gallery of Signatures Long, long ago signature blocks in emails have been meant to state informations about their senders. At first their full names and their email addresses have been shown, later on phone numbers and even snail mail addresses have been added. Nowadays email signatures have evolved into genuine works of art.

Some time ago I started to collect signature blocks in a database at my home computer. Meanwhile I decided to offer my collection to all web citizens who are also interested in the art of signatures.

Eva and her Recorders My youngest daughter Eva is keen on playing the recorder. She is playing the recorder since the age of 6 years - still with growing enthusiasm. After 10 years of exciting, inspiring and motivating lessons with Jörg Partzsch from the Municipal Music School at Paderborn Eva started in 2001 a course of learning with Prof. Siri Rovatkay-Sohns from the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" at Hannover to increase her musical skills.

In 2002 she obtained a wonderful score (together with her friends Julia and Laura) when participating at the annual "Jugend musiziert" contest. Please see the report that was published on the homepage of my home village on the occasion of this extraordinary success.